Coach Finstock's Office

This is the office of the lacrosse coach and the economics teacher, Bobby Finstock. If you have a problem with homework or problems with sport he can usually be found here if he isn't teaching or on the field.

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English Classroom

The English classroom is used in the mornings for AP English and the afternoons for other English classes. This class nearly always has a seating plan, as this class is taught by Headmistress Carson. She rarely tolerates tardiness, so make sure you turn up to class on time. She will not tolerate gossip or bullying.

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English I
by Cassandra Carter
Jun 24, 2016 1:23:30 GMT

The Gymnasium is mainly used for gym class, but is also used by the cheerleaders and the basketball team. This room stores gym equipment and vaulting mats.

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Collecting Moments
by Deleted
Jul 4, 2016 10:00:00 GMT
History Classroom

This classroom is where History is taught. History focuses on American History as well as World History. This class is taught by Nathaniel Parker.

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History I
by Chester Ambrosi
Jul 6, 2016 1:56:51 GMT
Maths Classroom

The Maths classroom is used in the mornings for AP Mathematics. The classroom is then used in the afternoon for other Mathematics classes. There is rarely a seating plan in this class, but the teacher requires absolute concentration, as Mathematics is quite a hard subject to understand.

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Sleep is for the Weak-Open-
by Isabelle Kyles
Apr 24, 2016 18:38:24 GMT
Physics Classroom

The Physic's classroom is used in the morning for AP Physic's classes. It is used in the afternoons for non AP classes. This class is mostly theory, with a few practicals. This class is taught by Mr Alvarez.

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The Cafeteria

The Cafeteria is the place where all students are expected to be for lunch. There are some spots around campus that you can eat lunch and relax with your friends, but you must remember that teacher's will be patrolling the grounds, so sneaking out will not be easy. Just watch out for Sloppy Joe's though.

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All Alone ((OPEN))
by Rosemarie Lidija Dragoslav
Jul 1, 2016 4:27:44 GMT
The Field

The area in which all of the sporting activity in the high school goes on. Students can also go hear to study, or to exercise, but only if they have a free period. This is also where the lacrosse, soccer, cricket, track, cheerleading and basketball teams train. Lacrosse scrimmages are held every three weeks.

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Fancy Meeting You Again
by Deleted
Jul 21, 2016 9:53:18 GMT
The Library

A large, spacious room filled with books and desks where students can study, spend detention or take make-up exams depending on the teacher who has assigned it to you. Tutoring is organised every Monday and Thursday for students who are serious about studying. These sessions are supervised by a different teacher every week.

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Dreams Really Do Come True
by Kira Yukimura
Apr 21, 2016 3:48:52 GMT
Weights Room

The weights room is used for the "jocks" or other students to sharpen their skills and raise their fitness level. All students must carry their own individual keycards to get into the gender designated locker rooms.

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